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Suhagra Brand: an Effective Medicine For Erectile Dysfunction
If you are looking to treat erectile dysfunction, it is worth trying Suhagra Brand. The medicine is manufactured by Cipla. Suhagra provides the same effect as other sildenafil-containing medications including well-known Viagra.
What is the effect of the medicine based on? The mechanism of providing a stable erection resembles that of any other similar medication. About an hour after an oral administration Suhagra spreads with the blood and gets to the genital area where its active substance – sildenafil – affects male penis by relaxing smooth muscles. A strong and stable erection arises from the increase in blood flow to this area of the body.

There is an important thing to note: Suhagra doesn’t act without sexual stimulation. So, a foreplay is required before having sexual intercourse. Thus, the medicine doesn’t serve as a substitute for the man’s natural strength, it only helps a man to unlock his sexual potential. This is how Suhagra is different from traditional drugs.

Suhagra tablet weights are 25, 50 and 100 mg. Those values are equal to the weight of sildenafil in a tablet.

The way of administrating Suhagra 100 mg is by mouth. Drink a sufficient amount of cool water to provide good swallowing of the tablet. The medicine should be used approximately 30-40 minutes before you have sexual activity. You can reckon on the four-hour effect. Take Suhagra 24 hours apart, i.e. its required dosing frequency is once a day. The optimal dose calculated for an average patient is Suhagra 50 mg. You can then increase the dose up to 100 mg or, on the contrary, decrease it to 25 mg. That depends on your drug tolerance and overall health. You are not recommended to surpass the highest dose limit – 100 mg. Improper use of the medicine may cause severe health consequences.

No matter what medicine you are prescribed, you can develop certain side effects that are different in different people. If you have stuffy nose, headache or vision problems, call your doctor without hesitation. Your doctor will tell you the whole list of side effects. Here it is not complete, of course.

There are several contraindications. If you have an allergy to sildenafil or some other ingredients of the medicine, you shouldn’t start treatment. Suhagra is contraindicated in patients with multiple myeloma, leukemia, stomach ulcers and some other conditions you can learn about from your doctor. Penis deformation is also on the list of contraindications.

Never mix Suhagra with any other medicine for impotence by taking them together. This may cause harmful drug interactions. Remeber this before you use Suhagra. Find out all necessary information on the drug, and then you can use Suhagra. It will take you an instant to order the medicine in the Internet. You can buy it without even standing up.

Suhagra is looked upon as one of the best alternatives to Viagra. Suhagra is an effective medicine used for treating male impotence.